We are luxury hair salons in Tampa Bay.

Made By Hairdressers for Hairdressers

The beginning of your journey in this beautiful industry has begun and the JJS family wants to assure you that with us, your goal to become whatever hairstylist you dream of, can come true. We will teach you how. We will take you there. This salon is owned by, led by and inspired by hairstylists just like you who have had goals and aspirations in their lives that they can today say they’ve achieved.


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The JJS team is a group of likeminded individuals who are goal oriented, career oriented, and goal focused. We live by the saying, “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” As one unit we are bringing fashion to our area and creating financial stability for all of us simultaniously.


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Working together as one has opened the way for opportunities that are hard to come by working individually. For example, JJS can guarantee high-end clientele and busy schedules. Most importantly, however, our team cultivates an environment of creativity and knowledge of what’s trending in our industry. Being part of the JJS team is a daily inspiration of personal and professional growth- as we all strive to motivate, challenge and uplift each other to be a better version of ourselves.


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We don’t function like your typical salon does because we have an underlying purpose behind our business. We aren’t just here to perform great work for our clients, we are here to inspire future generations of hairdressers in this industry to achieve. We
are here to change the perception of a pursuit in beauty. We believe JJS will be around much longer than our lifetime because our company grows from the inside out. Our focus and success is the
success of our JJS family members.

Quality Control

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The J. Joseph Associate Program allows all new members of the team to be fully immersed in the JJS mentality and culture. During this program educators across all locations introduce new teammates to our guest relations methodology, career growth paths and opportunities, best practices, company benefits – and most importantly our high level hair and business education that positions them for success in this industry.


Dress Code

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Given our salon’s clientele and the elite standard of excellence we’re known for, JJS encourages our team to practice authenticity and a fashionable self expression that embodies – “High End”.



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Our company starts and ends with our team in mind. We, J. Joseph Salon, ONLY invest in our team. It is our priority to show our loyalty and commitment to our salon family through our culture, education, policies, benefits and in our career opportunity paths at J. Joseph. We do not offer franchising nor partnerships with anyone outside of our organization. Early on, we vowed to be a salon that cultivates purpose, drive, success and authenticity for you- our team- and we will never break that vow.



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At J Joseph, culture is all about uplifting one another and saying, “no!” to negative language, stigmas or stereotypes that fuel toxicity. Our culture is about embracing each other’s differences and commonalities with honesty and integrity, leading with understanding and respect, and fostering an environment of growth in unity, fulfillment and success.


Humanity & Kindness

A good leader is someone who encourages, uplifts, and shows the way to another. At JJS, we’re proud team members who help new teammates find their way in this industry. 

Honesty & Drive

We believe in our team. We trust one another. We hold each other accountable. When you’ve got a whole family of people backing you up, you can achieve anything.

Hard work

Great talent opens the door, but hard work and dedication unlocks your potential for success. This is why every day we say, “never leave today’s work for tomorrow.”

An Employee-Owned Salon Company