Our mission and vision is to make sure we are passing on the JJS legacy and guaranteeing the success of all of you in this industry along the way.

Congratulations for embarking on this career journey.



The primary goal of our Salon Level System within J. Joseph Salon is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for team members. All stylists, regardless of prior experience, attend the J. Joseph Salon Associate Training Program prior to working hands-on with our guests. J. Joseph Salon certifies the stylists in our Principle-Based Design (hair cutting techniques, hair coloring and styling) and product knowledge to ensure they can offer the highest level of service and experience to their clients .

This program is what guarantees our hairstylists’ knowledge of all the latest and greatest changes in the beauty industry. Any modernization or trend revolutionizing the industry is taught to our stylists to ensure leadership in their fields.



For professionals in this industry, one of the hardest things to do is get into fashion shows, work with world renowned designers on some of the biggest runways, style for prominent magazines and celebrities. From our inception, we knew this would be a path we’d want to facilitate for our generations to follow. Through many years of dedication and reputation building, we have become trusted in fashion around the world, which led us to create the jjs creative team. Forming part of this team is a benefit to anyone building their career at J. Joseph Salon first and foremost. We do offer stylists from outside our company to join us as this is a dream to many in our industry and we want to always pass our success on.

Leadership & Management

The leadership and management career path at J. Joseph Salon is designed to build individuals into well rounded business professionals. We provide a real life exposure to running a business within a business, which eventually opens the door for salon ownership and profit sharing. Our career path for management is built around those who have an affinity for business within the space of fashion and beauty. We expose you, teach you and guide you to have a very successful career in this field.



If this is your dream, we have created a model for those who want to get into owning a salon. The greatest benefit of J Joseph Salon ownership is a very calculated risk management, a considerable reputation that will give you a head start to build from whether it’s for hiring talent or attracting clients, a strong digital footprint and a lower cost of entry overall. Above all of these benefits, the greatest of them all is the support from the entire J Joseph family. Together, we will go far.